Sample Programs

American Excursions

Inspired by Samuel Barber’s “Excursions” for solo piano, this program travels across the American musical landscape.  Art Songs, Old Country Hymns, Negro Spirituals, and more tell stories of American faith and life.

Krik Krak: Stories of Africa and the New World

Haitian folk songs and storytelling meet Cuban and Brazilian art music seasoned with the words of Langston Hughes. Add a side of American Negro Spirituals and Art Song and you have a feast of words and music inspired by the African Diaspora in North and South America.

Alaiki’ ssalaam: Peace be with You

A love letter to the Middle East, this program couples evocative poetry by Rumi and Khalil Gibran with Middle Eastern, Jewish, and American music.  Themes of love, community, mourning, freedom and faith permeate this offering.