“Forgo the coffee the night you intend to hear Duo 1717. Kulkarni & Cerin break with tradition to bring you a potpourri of highly entertaining works that will keep you on the edge of your seats until it’s time for the standing ovation!”

-pianist Waleed Howrani

A classical crossover duo, baritone Jean Bernard Cerin and pianist Veena K. Kulkarni fuse art, folk, world and religious idioms to celebrate individual communities while also creating spaces for intercultural dialogue. With Indian-Filipino-American and Haitian backgrounds, Veena and Jean Bernard synthesize a broad cultural heritage with their western classical training to explore music from all around the globe. Together, they bring new sounds to conventional classical music audiences and share this classical music tradition with new audiences.

Duo 1717 was established in the summer of 2014. Their first season included Love Bade us Welcome and Aalaiki’ssalaam: Peace be with You in Ann Arbor, MI and The Callebasse Road Project in Indianapolis, IN.